About Us

Established in 2015 Kasih Coal Resources is a new ambitious coal trader and marketer with 360,000 tons of coal sold in 2017. With clear vision and mission statements, we are always ready to improve the standard of living of our stakeholders by providing them with our high quality products and services and competitive prices. Kasih Coal Resources has been trading both locally and internationally for the past years.


Fulfilling the needs of our buyers with a satisfactory coal qualities both locally and internationally through high standards of professionalism, credibility, and sustainability.

  1. To have a sustainable growth and profitable in a long term
  2. To improve the standard of living of our stakeholders.
  3. To operate in a safest manner and as efficient as possible.
  4. To adapt with innovation and technology.

Greetings from CEO

Satria Kasih, BA., MBA.

Greetings, Kasih Coal Resources is a trading company focusing on coal mining and logistics. We have been continuously improving our business strategy to ensure corporate growth and sustainability. Further in the application of the strategy we ill always make sure all decision are made ethically in all management levels, taking stakeholders, environment and community to our consideration. We will always maintain our reputation in every business transaction through the win- win business concept by treating our partners as the member of Kasih Coal Resources. Our top priority is to build our community in general through our CSR, The Scholarship Campus STIE Kasih Bangsa.